Seasons Greetings

Christmas in Gore:

It’s been both a busy and relaxing few weeks. I’ve spent the last two weeks traveling all around southwest Ethiopia. I went to Masha and Gore (pronounced Gor-ray), smaller mountainous towns to meet some friends for Christmas. I went to Mizan Teferi, the beautiful tropical fruit capital of Ethiopia, and I went to Chiri to celebrate New Years with some American Doctors. Revelations were had in each town.
In Gore, 11 of us crammed into Alissa’s house for a long Christmas weekend, where I was able to see Seth, Jon, and Ray, three of my favorite volunteers. The weekend was full of amazing food. The girls did the baking, and the guys did the grilling. I did the eating.

We had Paula Dean’s Pumpkin Bread, (Come on ya’ll, Who doesn’t love Paula Dean?)and homemade Mexican fajitas for dinner. In the morning we (they) made French toast with Guava Honey sauce. It was a great time to gather around and enjoy each other’s company. Often times, Peace Corps volunteers say adjusting to life in America is difficult because no one can understand what they went to. That is perhaps why we become so close during these life-altering years. That is also perhaps why I’m writing this blog, to bring those who are close to me a little closer.

Meanwhile, my three favorite people, (Carly and my Grandparents) came to the Waidmann household for Christmas.
Am I crazy for having my girlfriend go to the Waidmann’s for Christmas? Yes. Was I Worried? Very much. Should I have been worried?
Yes. Very much.

In all honesty I was excited for her to experience the show. From Gore, I was able to video chat with my whole family, seeing them in their Christmas PJ’s. Likewise they were able to see me in mine, along with the chickens, cows, goats, kittens and puppies hanging out in the background. See, Its been hard to get into the Christmas mentality here—between the 80 degree weather and the lack of Christmas lights, but I was able to harness it in these moments. Me and Carly, on different continents and with a temperature difference of 50 degrees, were spending Christmas with people that we are just getting to know, but will come to love in the next couple of years.

It was that thought, as well as seeing my Grandma in her Pink Onesy, that made for a very Merry Christmas.


One comment on “Seasons Greetings

  1. Mom says:

    What do you mean “Should I have been worried? Yes, very much.”??? I bet Carly has told you we were very nice to her. No biting at all! And she behaved well also. So, nothing at all to worry about, Michael. Humph!

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