Meeting in Mizan

The Monday following Christmas I stayed in the town of Mizan Teferi. Mizan, home to Ray and Ellie, is a larger rainforest town set in a valley surrounded by mountains. It’s awesome.

My co-worker Wasihun was putting on a training for local bee keepers. I joined out of curiousity, and got myself into quite the situation… I ended up teaching basic economics in broken Amharic, to 30 rural bee-keepers who were more focused on staring at my hair and wondering if I was actually the second coming of Christ.

Nevertheless, breaking down Assets = Liabilities + Equity into Amharic was pretty hilarious.
What made the trip even more worthwhile was the bus ride back to Bonga.

Ray is one of those rare people whom I share a very similar mindset with. Noting this, he shared a great book with me called the 4-hour work week. I read it from the best seat on the bus. The sun was coming up and hitting the rainforest and circular mud huts giving me a view I couldn’t forget.
The author of the book, Tim Ferriss spent the year after college working in sales (like me) before realizing that life had more to offer. Shortly after, he traveled around the world, and hasn’t returned to a cubicle since.

So it was ironic that outside my window- the most amazing bus ride in Africa passed me by– as I read an author imploring me to forget the 8-6 lifestyle that has become so standard in America. It reaffirmed my decision to come here, and my desire to not rush into the type of workplace that can sap your soul, and cause premature blindness by overhead lights.

Of course, I still see myself working hard for a senator or as a professor somewhere down the line—just so long as I believe in the work I’m doing. Working for the sake of work is an ugly reality.


One comment on “Meeting in Mizan

  1. carlyarnwine says:

    So true. Its easy to slip into the ‘safe’ route after college and takes a lot of guts to venture down the road less traveled. I’m glad you are learning so much out there and I’m so proud of you. Love you!

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