Thoughts of the week

  1. I’m pretty addicted to The West Wing right now (I have several TV shows I’ve borrowed from friends). It does a good job of depicting a fictional white house, and Martin Sheen is the perfect president. What a great show. Then again I’m a huge nerd.
  2. It still doesn’t come close to The Wire in the “greatest tv show” debate
  3. My amazing grandma sent me all the ingredients to make oatmeal cookies. Problem is I don’t have an oven. That’s like giving someone a Porsche without the keys.
  4. “The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. The opposoite of happiness is not sadness, but boredom” –my favorite quote from the 4 hour work week
  5. My new years resolutions: Blog more, Eat more, Read more, and start/finish the P90X workout.
  6. …The guy who started the P90X series is ridiculous. I can’t take him seriously to save my life. He really is an older version of my friend Alex “Roids” Eroe. Seriously, you could do that for a living brother.
  7. I’m a city boy. But almost all of my favorite memories happened on Hikes. I got chased by Grizzly Bears in Alaska, hiked the Grand Canyon in the snow with my brother, learned curse words with Mike Jennings in boy scouts, Had life epiphanies in the Cinque Terre, had great times on a hike of skyline drive with my college roommates, Shared puns and worldviews with my friend Ben Hawkins at St. Mary’s Falls, understood what the word ‘epic’ means in Switzerland, and have contemplated the meaning of life and the beauty of kitchen utensils here in Ethiopia. Hiking is awesome.
  8. Happy belated Birthday to Carly! I love that girl, if it isn’t painfully obvious.
  9. Watching the West Wing and finally being able to access my favorite website, has reignited some of my thoughts on public and foreign policy. Because I’m feeling high and mighty, and I’m pretty bored, I’ll share with you my political rant of the week:

Citizens United

The Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission is the biggest blow to democracy in this century, and the worst ruling since the Dredd Scott decision. It ruled that corporations and foreign entities can give freely to candidates during elections.

In practice and in principle it is detrimental to our election process. The ruling suggests that according to the first amendment, corporations have the right to free speech—in the form of money. Wait, what? What a wicked stretch of the founders words. Simply put the justice’s conclusions:

Companies = People. Speech = Money

The power this gives to corporations is truly frightening. For example, GM could promise to a senator 100 million dollars if the senator votes against a bill say, forcing GM to pay back its stimulus money. If the senator backs the bill, GM promises to spend the same amount of money voting him out of office in the next election. Well at least now the Senator can vote his conscience. What an ugly toy to give to lobbyists and special interests.

We have essentially eliminated the senator from Michigan and replaced him/her with the Senator from General Motors.

During the recent midterm elections 150 million dollars was spent because of this ruling, given to candidates by corporations.

I’m sure they don’t want anything in return.



2 comments on “Thoughts of the week

  1. Molly says:

    you know, I disagree with your quote. I don’t think boredom is the opposite of happiness. You can be sad and busy, and that is a much worse feeling. I am often happy when I’m bored, or at least content. Boredom sparks creativity, and that is certainly not a bad thing, Sadness is hard and draining, boredom is not, being sad is like being bored but also drained and unmotivated. From boredom you can get creativity, motivation, and can even discover something new, at least, it does for me, because I get motivated to actually go find something to do. Where as sadness makes one unmotivated and upset. Therefore boredom can be productive, and have good outcomes. Sadness, not so much.

  2. Luke says:

    Hey bro, check out this review from NY Times of the guy who wrote the four hour work week’s new book:

    It’s pretty awesome.

    Everything about Mr. Ferriss’s book declares: This is not your auntie’s self-help book. No muffled “I’m OK — You’re OK” tone here. The vibe is: I’m Superbad, bro, and I have dimples. You’re a mole person who, if you become an angel investor in my books, might someday touch the hem of my Speedo.

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