Pearls of Waidmann: things that are cool

27 things I think are cool:

  1. Otis Redding’s voice. I could listen to his songs all day
  2. Jack Handey’s, “Deep Thoughts With Jack Handey.” The subtleness of the humor gets me everytime:
  3. Hang-gliding
  4. My friends back in the states. Except for anyone I was a roommate with in College. Because, well, you guys are nerds.
  5. The fact that the actor just chosen to play Abraham Lincoln in Steven Speilbergs “Lincoln” is Daniel Day Lewis. Perfect.
  6. This article: This is the best application of science, ever.
  7. Modern Family—I watched the pilot last night and almost died of laughter
  8. The book, “Cutting for Stone” –paints an unbelievable portrait of my very own romanticized version of Ethiopia. I’ve loved it so far.
  9. Independence for Southern Sudan. This will be a great step for the people of Sudan who have endured more hardship in my lifetime than I could ever begin to imagine.
  10. Fantasizing about my future vacations. Everybody do the following searches on Google images: Seriously, right now. I’ll wait…
  11. Plitvice Falls, Croatia
  12. Phuket Beach, Thailand
  13. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
  14. Simien Mountains, Ethiopia 🙂
  15. My brother in law, sister, brother, mother, father, girlfriend, and several of my friends might be coming to visit me in the next 6 months. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM.
  16. John Coltrane’s album “The Gentle Side of John Coltrane.” It’s one of the few albums that I can listen to while writing.
  17. Popcorn: In a land with few American comforts,  popcorn with salt and butter as a snack has been a revelaton.
  18. The Jets beating the Patriots, and not because Mark Sanchez is hot (Ahem, Carly) but because, well, I hate the Patriots.  Alright, he’s kinda hot.
  19. MLK. This is one cool, and unbelievable speech. Given that he died the next morning, this speech is breathtaking:
  20. Bubble Baths: seriously, don’t take them for granted. What I would give…
  21. Sunsets: I am at the luxury of being witness to an unbelievable sunset every night. I truly wish the sunset lasted a couple more hours.
  22. The fact that my girlfriend would rather go to a farmers market than a mall.
  24. Any movie Frank Darabont has directed: The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile—oh and he’s working on a new one –Farenheit 451
  25. Waking up in this climate. The mornings are a cool 68 degrees. The afternoon, a warm 75. Oh was that an ice storm you had in DC? Wow, sorry to hear that.
  26. The fact that one of my future groomsmen is coming to Africa to join the Peace Corps—Ben Hawkins might be going to Morrocco , Madagascar, or if Peace Corps accepts my bribe, Ethiopia.
  27. The following article and my newest inspiration






One comment on “Pearls of Waidmann: things that are cool

  1. colleen says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE reading your entries! You don’t know me—I’m Alex Woodward’s mom! She’s a co-volunteer, yes? I check the Ethiopian entries most days, and thoroughly enjoy your writing. You should seriously consider being an author.

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