Pearls of Waidmann

10 quick thoughts:

  1. I’m experiencing vivid dreams of dessert. I’ve had dreams where all I do is eat Ice Cream. I don’t know if this means I’m going crazy.
  2. There is either a rat/mouse in my house that I’m in a battle of wits with. I’m currently losing. My mouse-trap has successfully fed it dinner three times. It stole my headband and a pair of socks that were by my bed. The one time I had it cornered, I broke my broom trying to kill it. The little guy almost chewed through my phone charger the other night. I’m dumber than a rat.
  3. The local library here has only about 600 books. I’m thinking of starting a book drive back home/petitioning my former schools to help improve the library. Then I can teach kids their high school equivalency. Then I’m going to dig a tunnel through my house and crawl through poop to freedom.
  4. But in all seriousness, I’m wondering if anyone back home could organize for a book collection. Everything from children’s books to used textbooks would be great.
  5. …Is there a better movie than the Shawshank Redemption? I wish Morgan Freeman could narrate my blog.
  6. Political rant: Why is it that whenever there is a headline about Democrats accomplishing something it is always quantified? $100 billion jobs bill. 800 billion stimulus package. $20 billion schools package. Come on guys, you can’t just throw money at a problem and expect results. 
  7. One more. A year ago I told my Dad I thought John Thune was the Republican’s Obama. If he runs, I predict he will be our new President or Vice President.
  8. I think my brother is coming in late March to visit. We are hoping to hike the Simien Mountains for a few days. I’m a little too excited.
  9. The Packers won. Good > Evil. Aaron Rodgers conquers both Brett Favre and Ben Roethlisberger in a single night. And he beats dog killer Mike Vick along the way. Thanks, Sports God. Now can you show some mercy to D.C?
  10. Maybe start by changing the Wizards stupid name/uniform. I’d take the Bullets back in a heartbeat. But what about starting with D.C. instead of Washington? I kind of like “The D.C. Elite.” Thoughts?


One comment on “Pearls of Waidmann

  1. Ralph Millie says:

    We are enjoying reading your blog. Glad you like John thune. I have supprted him since way back when he announced for the senate. I was up in S.D. with the dogs. No one thought he had a chance at beating Tom Dachel. Love you, Grandpa

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