Here are two videos that pretty much single handedly affirm that I have lost my manhood, have no friends, and am a 13 year old girl

The first one is a video of my site mate Dave (a truly amazing man) and Aleah, the 3 year old daughter of the hospital director in Chiri. I’d say how insanely cute this girl is but I’ll just keep it to myself for now.

Here is the second video — of my Kindergarten class. I told them February 16th was Carly and I’s anniversary but used the wrong word. They thought I said it was her birthday. They each made her a card, a giant poster out of beans, and sang this song to me when I got to class. Good times and the communication error turned out to be for the best. It was hilarious.


2 comments on “Video

  1. Mom says:

    SO great, Michael. Wow, you have a HUGE class! I know they love you, and you are a terrific teacher.

  2. Birgit says:

    I just love the videos! I hope you can post more.

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