Its a Small World

One night I was sitting with the two Israeli kids. One of them was reading a time magazine article entitled, “Why Israel doesn’t care about peace.” We had just finished cooking some Ramen noodles that we found at a local store.

It’s one of the worst pieces of journalism I’ve ever read and my new friends agreed. It argued that Israeli’s are more concerned with living their lives and enjoying the beach than with finding common ground with their neighbors. Because, God forbid a people who have been discriminated against for the last several millennium try and enjoy themselves. People who grew up not knowing if the café they were in was going to blow up at any moment, or whether it was safe to get on a bus.

Sorry that was a tangent.

I was sitting there talking to these guys from Israel about foreign policy. Meanwhile the Internet was fast enough to chat with friends back home. I was chatting with Carly who was in Las Vegas at a convention. I briefly video chatted my brother in France.

I was simultaneously in my house in Africa eating noodles made in Asia with two new friends from the Middle East typing to my girlfriend in America while on the phone with my brother in Europe.

This is a crazy and awesome world we live in.



2 comments on “Its a Small World

  1. DIRK says:

    Okay, Michael, and add to that, that a friend just got home from a dinner in Washington, DC with many members from the European Union and read your site from Ethiopia. That is a lot of venues across the world, but something that is universal is that when someone like a Michael Waidmann devotes two years of his prime time to others in the world it inspires us all. I am very proud of you, Michael. Very proud. God bless you…and by your work you inspire all of us to do more. Dirk

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