Pearls of Waidmann

  1. Mango season. So tight
  2. My brother is coming in 4 weeks. My girlfriend in 7. To say I’m excited is the understatement of the century. I’m going to hike with my girlfriend and kiss my brother.
  3. My awesome cousin Alisha is doing a book drive for Bonga. Thanks a bunch cuz.
  4. I hope the Capitals trades work out, the Redskins draft Von Miller, Bryce Harper is actually good, and the Wizards change their name and trade Andray Blatch. With our luck, none of this is going to happen.
  5. I need to go to the beach. Mozambique would be nice. Google image “mozambique beaches”
  6. I took my first hot shower in 3 months the other day and It felt weird. I took a cold shower today after working out and it felt awesome. I’m changing and I don’t like it.
  7. Text of the week: “send her at a time it make her happy & more trust in you. I’ll pray too. U know when I’m touched? When I see the yellow skert you bought her. The time zat I wrote message yesterday was to surprise u. I have picture of kids singing song and ze poster. I made a bread too”
  8. The above text was referring to the teacher who had her kids sing Happy Birthday to Carly. She was also talking about a traditional dress that I sent to Carly and how she appreciated that I did that. Also, it is worth noting that she is an English teacher.
  9. And of course, Happy Birthday to my big sister



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