Happy Days

Today is a great day. I’m really happy and life looks awesome right now. I just got a ridiculous amount of candy, homemade cookies and love from home. In three weeks I get to go to Addis and see everyone in my group. Right after that my brother is coming. Then my parents. Then my girlfriend. My college roommate might be coming immediately after that. Work is going really well. People here like me and understand what i’m doing. I just started teaching English and it has been great. I’m working with the tourism department as Bonga prepares to be recognized as one of the 20 most important environmental locations on Earth. In a few months i’ll take Carly to Awassa, a ridiculously awesome tropical city and i’ll (hopefully) run a half marathon there. We are thinking about taking a vacation to Zimbabwe or Mozambique as well. The pain associated with the disease I have remains the same, but my tolerance for food is increasing. I can eat the candy I got with no problems. My room is finished and has great vibes, I killed the rat in a stunning feat of intelligence and prowess, and I play basketball 3 times a week. Life is really really good right now. I’d say something clever or profound but there is no need. I’m just having a great day.


3 comments on “Happy Days

  1. Aika Z says:


    You are living an incredible life and with SO MUCH positivity. Keep it up 🙂 I always look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Martha Grano says:

    Hi Mike, your website is so cool, I want the email updates!
    Love, Aunt Martha

  3. Ralph Millie says:


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