I went to the post office today and had four (FOUR) packages waiting for me for my birthday. Now, one would say its best to wait three days to open these packages. Screw that. The first package was really intriguing, because the return address said ‘Mars.’ A little clueless I opened the massive package.

With shipping, the Mars company sent me what I would guess is 300 dollars worth of every candy imaginable. Snickers, Juicy Fruit, Milky Way, every type of M&M, Lifesavers. It will last me forever. Mars has an incredibly happy customer for life. If you are reading this, you should probably go buy a Snickers bar right now. Or ten.

The other packages were slightly less surprising but equally awesome. My grandma sent me around 6 dozen homemade cookies. Amazing.

My Sister sent me some magazines and a much needed cover for the light bulb in my room, I think I was going blind. My mom and dad sent me a package that was simply perfect. Pringles, a HAMMOCK, candy, clif bars (an awesome luxury here) candles, (the power has been out 5 of the last 7 days) and a resistance band for working out. What a great birthday.



PS. If you have gotten any ideas for things to send me 🙂 Here is my address again. I’d love a letter or a clif bar.

Michael Waidmann, PO Box 104, Bonga, Ethiopia


3 comments on “Packages

  1. Mary Lou Schmierer says:

    Happy Birthday Michael! Sounds like you had a grand birthday. In one of Jon’s pkgs I included a dark chocolate bar just for you 🙂 Not sure if it arrived or not, but if it does…make sure Jon opens it in Bonga. Again, thanks for writing your blog. I enjoy reading them so much! Take care…mlou

  2. Luke says:

    You should start throwing out some product placement notes in your posts. Like, I cooked a good dinner, but sure wish I had some McCormick spices and Tabasco sauce. They are the best.

  3. kadee84 says:

    First, let me just comment on how entertaining and well-written your blog is! I’ve appreciated reading your posts. Second, I’m a G5 heading to Ethiopia in May and am looking forward to (hopefully) meeting you all! In regard to the hammock, I’ve been debating bringing one. What kind did you get, and in what ways do you use it? I want to make sure it’s a good investment for me. Thanks!

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