The pictures below:

1. My girlfriend Carly in a local dress I sent her in the mail. Mostly i just wanted to show her off. She’s well, smoking and I did a great job of tricking her into thinking i’m cool. What an idiot!

2. Here is Dave with my new host parents/landlords on my birthday. Dave is one of the greatest people i’ve met. I’ll tell you more about him later. Alemwua and Johanes love me and take good care of me. They try and force me to eat and drink with them for every meal. Johanes made me an awesome cake for my birthday and Alemwua brought a coffee ceremony into my house.

3. A picture of me at the Bonga Waterfall during the last day before the rains came. You can normally not see the awesome wall behind me.

4. A local girl with some cool eyes

5. A young kid posing in front of another sweet sunset

6. Alemwua and Johanes roasting the coffee in my room



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