Information Overload

So here are my everyday options for communicating with Carly:

I could call her on my phone but it’s really expensive. Maybe I can call her blackberry through skype on my computer. Or Gmail chat. Or she can call me from a calling card. She could use Skype from her blackberry, iPad, or computer. I know, I’ll send her a text from my email account to her phone. Or we can video chat on instant messenger. Or through Skype on her iPad. We could Facebook chat on her phone. Or Skype chat between computers. Or between my computer and her phone. I know,  she could use her iPad to call my phone. Maybe this new thing called MagicJack will work?

So yeah.

1) With so many options, why won’t one (please just one) ever work?

2) What has the world come to? I can send her a message from my computer or phone through countless mediums to 4 different devices.

3) Here, cell phones don’t work everyday. It’s amazing to be disconnected from technology. I have a pick-up basketball game a few days a week. We all know to meet at 5:30 on wednesdays and fridays. And everyone shows up– no need to call.  If my friends back home wanted to play pick up, I think 40 calls and texts would be exchanged. People would show up at different times.

The simple life can be so relaxing.



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