Pearls of Waidmann

• I hate goodbyes. There is something maddeningly depressing about a final goodbye. I won’t see Carly for months – months of bad communication and a pretty big dose of loneliness. Seeing her walk away is REALLY hard.

• It’s really depressing being a DC sports fan.

• I’m reading an awesome book, Moonwalking with Einstein. It’s all about the power of memory, and how the art of remembering has been lost over time. It is the true account of a journalist who studies for one year and wins the U.S. Memory Championship. One man he studies with can look at a deck of cards for 32 seconds, and remember the exact order of the entire deck.

• Text of the week: “CARLY HAVE A NICE JORNY. WE LOVE BOTH OF U. THANK U ABOUT ALL GOD BLESS” — from the amazing soul of Yohanes Bekele

• Finding Forrester is an incredible film.

• I’m starting to give serious thought to what I want to do when I get home. I’m not anxious or worried, more so curious. I feel as though I have so many options. I’ve thought about trying to find a job on the Hill, writing for a magazine or publication, or going to Grad School. Then I hear of volunteer opportunities in Tanzania and Sri Lanka and my mind starts to wander…If you have any ideas, let me know!

• I love learning languages. I was happy to realize the other day that I haven’t lost my ability to understand Spanish. My Amharic has gotten to the point where I can teach a lesson or hold a meeting in the language. So I’ve turned my efforts to the local language, Kaffa Nono.

• My first Kaffa Nono lesson: At a restaurant, I often ask waiters for “Shiro.” Shiro is the word for a chickpea-like bean that is cooked with garlic and spices, and served over Injera. Often times the waiter laughs.  The way I pronounce Shiro, (with an unrolled R) translates to me saying something entirely different. “Do you have Penis today? Great, I’ll have the Penis.” “Wait! excuse me sir, I like my penis spicy with extra garlic”

• In my opinion, the Diversity Lottery, or DV for short, is the greatest foreign policy tool . It’s responsible for the diversity of life in America and why we get to eat at amazing Ethiopian restaurants or enjoy Peruvian roast chicken. (Shout out to Crisp and Juicy). It also has done so much to increase investment and bring wealth to developing nations. If they ever try and end the DV, I will be out on the Independence Avenue with a sign, some friends and some fried Yucca.

• My blog tells me what folks search for before clicking on my link. Here’s a great Google search:

“Ethio big boobs Konjo.” (Konjo means beautiful in Amharic.) I have a feeling the searcher did not find what they were looking for.

• Some kids here say hilarious things as you pass them on the street. They will say, “WHATS HUP, MI-Keel JACKSON!” or something strange. My favorite though has to be the kid, who said matter-of-factly as he walked by me, “Hello Yes! Horse. GREEN! Circle. Good MORNING. Thank You!” A nice tour of every English word he knew


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