• I mentioned this on facebook but it’s worth repeating here:  few weeks ago, Carly Arnwine taught a local orphanage basic photography. She gave them her polaroid camera and 200 prints given to her by some great friends. In doing so, Carly brought photography to a village that had none, and provided sustainable income generation for an Orphanage. I’m proud to say that on the first day of the photography project, the kids raised almost 800 Birr (close to 50 dollars) and gave a priceless (and affordable) gift to 200 families. I’m so proud!
  • I’m reading, “Under the Banner of Heaven.” It is well written and fascinating.
  • I loved the State of the Union. A lot more so when I read it than when I watched it.
  • There is a national basketball tournament coming up in a few weeks. Bonga was invited to participate. I’m trying to round up kids from my Basketball club to compete in regionals in Hawassa. Hopefully it works out! It will be a great experience for the kids
  • I miss Dave, my former site mate. Unsurprisingly, he joined Peace Corps again. However he is happily serving in Dominica, where Pirates of the Caribbean is filmed. I’m so happy for him
  • He was not accepted into Teach for America. How a US Government program rejects someone who served in the Peace Corps (twice), the Air Force, and has more experience than about 40 people combined is beyond me. Shame on you TFA. You lost out on the most hardworking and intelligent person I know.
  • here is a picture of a baboon: 
  • My heart has fallen for a project. I’ve wanted for a time to improve education here in Bonga. That’s why I love teaching in the schools. But a recent trip to our local primary school broke me down. Over a year into my service, i’ve become jaded by the sadder aspects of life here. But this reality choked me up. The school has over 1,600 students and only 10 classrooms. The 11th classroom is a blackboard hung on a tree. They have no room for the growing student population, no power, and can’t hold classes when it rains. Its truly heartbreaking. The condition of the five, two classed rooms is deplorable. I want to fix it. I want to build a few new classrooms. I’m dreaming big, and hoping my dreams can become a reality — so you’ll hear more on this later. Here’s a few shots of the school:



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