• 502

    The number of days I have lived in Ethiopia

    • 1.400

    The cost in dollars, for a round trip flight to Washington DC

    • 382

    The estimated Per Capita GDP (USD) for Ethiopia

    • 8

    Approximate total number of gallons of water (bathing, drinking, washing) I have used since Carly left on January 18th.

    • 2.5

    The total number of liters used to take a full shower yesterday morning

    • 10.0

    Rating, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the worst) of how bad I smell on a daily basis

    • 48.52

    Amount of money, In dollars and cents, that I have spent in the past two weeks. Including: my rent, 14 hours worth of bus rides, one hotel room, internet and phone time, meals, groceries etc.

    • 25

    Percentage of the above amount that went towards two phone calls to Mike Jennings and Carly Arnwine.

    • 40

    Cost, in cents for my lunch today

    • 281

    Miles to Bonga from Addis Ababa

    • 4.6

    Driving at 60 mph, the time it would take to go that far in America

    • 16.5

    The amount of time it took me to get from Addis Ababa to Bonga 8 months ago

    • 9

    By car, the amount of time it took most recently, now that half of the road is paved

    • 2

    Number of lions spotted in the outskirts of Bonga last week

    • 1,623

    Students at Sheta Primary School, grades 1-8

    • 11

    Number of classrooms at Sheta Primary School

    • 1

    Number of classrooms held outside under a tree

    • 54

    Percentage of students who go on to High School from Sheta

    • 3.5           

    Time, in hours, it took me to download the state of the union in the lowest quality

    • 3

    Number of days in the past 2 months, there has been water running through the tap in my backyard. Trips to the river are fun though!

    • 26,314

    Views on my blog in the past year! Thanks guys!



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