School Update

Here are some pictures of the school!

So much work has been done, and there is so much left to do. These photos are a little old, but uploading pictures is very difficult. As of today, the cement and brick has been finished. The school looks beautiful. A more important recent development has been the community involvement. I spent many fruitless days, trying to convince people to come lend a hand. Then, with the help of some local leaders we began having “campaign days.” Every day for the past two weeks 60-100 people have shown up at the school every morning to bring water for concrete, move bricks, and shovel sand and cement. It has been beautiful to watch the community adopt this project as a priority. I am humbled by their efforts. Below you will see the new floors, (new interior walls to come) the brick exterior, and some of the guys I helped deliver loads of stone, sand, and cement with!

So much done, even more left to do…



One comment on “School Update

  1. mlou says:

    Congrats ! What great progress you are making! Looks wonderful.

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